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Dear Siampedia Friends and Readers

 As you may have already heard thru other sources the founder and owner of Siampedia -
Frank P. Schneidewind has passed away in the early morning of Friday 11.09.2015. Many friends already send condolence Messages - In the Name of the Family Schneidewind / Arbiol we express our deepest gratitude in this sad hour. Frank would not have wanted me to make a lot of words so I will leave it with that for now.

 Thomas Strähle for the Schneidewind / Arbiol Family 12.09.2015

Hinigugma - We are a team, known to create travel-related content for online- and print-publications. Hinigugma is a native word in the Bisayas language, which is also known as Cebuano and spoken predominantly in the southern Islands of the Philippines. It is one of 50 or more languages spoken in Melona’s country. When Frank met Melona almost 10 years ago, he inquired with locals what the proper term for “loved one” is. Hinigugma, so was the most common reply. Since that time he addresses her as his Hinigugma and both feel, there can’t be a better name for our team! Team Hinigugma, we are your competent, proven and reliable source for quality content.


Melona is a Filipina (Pinay) from Southern Leyte, after her graduation from High School, she worked in the field of Quality Control in manufacturing. When she teamed up with Frank, Melona ventured into journalistic photography and did the videotaping to support his field work anywhere. We have accomplished quite a lot of travel, nine countries have so far been visited together by Team Hinigugma. Hundreds of trips, covering the entire of Southeast Asia, can be followed in numerous reports on SIAMPEDIA and also social media. Frank was born and raised in Germany, but he spent his professional life mainly in North America. He drifted into freelance journalism, right after he chose to spend his time in Southeast Asia. Thailand became his focal point of interest and a base. His reports on Thai ethnic festivals, nature’s wonders and daily life, have been featured since the Millennium internationally in print and in online media. Frank produces their work bilingual in his native German and in English as well.

Despite our age difference, we complement each other in our travel and reporting tasks perfectly and enjoy a lasting, harmonic relation. Our baby Teddy, our pride and joy, joined us in 2010. Since then, our destinations have changed slightly and family-friendliness became another pivotal point. Over 40.000 km on Thai roads alone are in our past, both on two and four wheels, many more are about to follow. The appetite for delicious Thai food and our desire to explore every corner of this great country, will keep us occupied surely for a few more years. The base to which we return after all trips, is now located on the beautiful island of Koh Chang (Gulf of Siam).

Publishers interested in our unique content, may contact the author directly by email: frank(at)siampedia(dot)org for any inquiries about republishing or reprinting our photos, articles and videos. Reports, made in accordance to customer’s parameters are a speciality. All used materials are the sole copyright of Team Hinigugma! Our team has received several pictures in individual reports, which were used with exclusive permission. The web presentation of the SIAMPEDIA project is being realized by Entstrubbler IT & Network Services. The owner can be reached at: thomas(at)siampedia.org

Networking with friends and the use of WEB 2.0 media is nothing strange to us. Frank is concentrating on the writing part, where Melona is mainly handling the visual documentation. Frank also authored a novel in 2007, titled “UNHEILBAR”. The first print run of 1600 copies, produced in Thailand, is considered sold out. A sequel and rerun of his first book is pending. Melona’s video-compilations did achieve the best possible viewers ratings (the only 5* video!) in TAT´s Amazing Experience Video 2008 contest. Several of her pictures were featured as title-shots on a variety of magazines and newspapers or to enhance Frank’s many written reports and stories in them.

We will continue to inform all of our many friends globally about the realities they'd have to face, when traveling here. Honest and independent, we will try to balance some glossy brochure lies and gross misinterpretations. Furthermore, we will give you a heap of information on how to beat those coordinated rip-offs, which may have tainted some unlucky tourist's experiences in the past. Too many commercial issues and genuine conflicts of interest do not necessarily generate a healthy infrastructure for unbiased information.

Pristine beaches, undestroyed nature, low crime rate places, unspoiled exotic holiday fun and our truly beloved native Siamese culture are still to be found there in abundance within the Kingdom and its neighbors, but they are rarely to be found right next to the magnets of mass-tourism. We will strive to give you some inside scoop on this, just for your information.

We strongly discourage from attending any of those so-called tourist attractions, where the visiting tourist is being charged up to 10 times the regular prices. Special features on these issues will follow as well. Unfortunately tourists traveling to Thailand will be prone to double-pricing at many touristic destinations. There are, however, certain locations and attractions, which do not follow any visible schemes or practice double-pricing to foreigners. We will gladly promote those in our photo reports on the SIAMPEDIA site.

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Always happy trails,

Teddy, Melona & Frank